Friday, May 29, 2015

Ruffle Parasols

The Arcade is coming back around June 1st 2015
(my RL birthday!! )
& I am so honored to be part of this round.
I made some beautiful girly ruffly frilly lacy parasol umbrellas to keep
your skin out of the harmful UV rays this SL-summer!
See all the prizes below! & Yes we actually have a secret rare this time!

If you're interested in knowing what I am wearing in the Full view please check the credits below
Closeup of my outfit!
Tiara.tsg. Tiaras - Regal Gold RARE
HairCATWA HAIR Rosy [Lights]
Jewelry.tsg. Unicute Rainbow Necklaces and Bracelet
Harness.tsg. Harness Bra - WhitexGold
Nails.tsg. Almond Nail - Moon Princess
Bag.tsg. Gigi Bag - Princess RARE
Dress -Pixicat- Darling.Dress - Pink @ Kustom9
Shoes.tsg. Parfait Plats II - Pink @ Kawaii Project
Mesh Head.tsg. Dakota Mesh Head X Tone with Dev Kit freckles/blush

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kawaii Project - nomnomnom!

mmmm yummy nomnommnom!!
Theme is Nomnomnom! So I made some yummy lolita heels. 
As you can see they can be worn with or without the ice cream. 
Ice cream is materials activated. 
For Slink Medium feet only
no mod/copy ok/no trans

Friday, May 8, 2015

Early Summer Swimsuits

.tsg. Sexy Bikini - Gold Member
Maitreya Lara Body
.tsg. Mimi Mesh Head F Tone
.tsg. Body Oil Medium
Eaters Coma Hair 64

Early Summer release, Sexy Bikinis !
For maitreya These were not tested with the SL av or any other body. I wear maitreya pretty exclusively at the moment. If it happens to work with other bodies that is a bonus but not guaranteed.
Our swimsuits are Unrigged + mod/copy mesh. 
If you own our LocketLace Lingerie, it wears the same way as that set. 
Super Cute. Materials enabled, which you can turn off in the texture menu if you want.
The demo is easily moddable for you to resize to your shape. 
12 different colors to choose from. Hope you enjoy.
Only @ .tsg. Mainstore
Our V.I.P Group Gift of May 2015 also works well with our summer sets

Styling Credits for Sexy Bikini
  • Hair - Alice Project - Thanako II
  • Beach Ball - A.D.D.Andel! Pool Accessory: Beach Ball-Pink (its not really a wearable prop, i just made it into one. still cute for home decor)
  • Bikini - .tsg. Sexy Bikini - Lux
  • Head - .tsg. Yui Mesh Head - B Tone
  • Hair - LCKY - Willow (coming soon)
  • Bikini - .tsg. Sexy Bikini - Color Block
  • Head - .tsg. Mimi Mesh Head - D Tone
  • Hair - LCKY - Thanako
  • Bikini - .tsg. Sexy Bikini - Gold Member
  • Head - .tsg. Mizu Mesh Head - E Tone

Styling Credits for Cutiesuit
  • Goggles - The Secret Store - Sea Adventures - Snorkel Mask - Mint (I made the mouth piece invisible in build menu)
  • Hair - TRUTH - Malea
  • Bikini - .tsg. Cutiesuit - Mint
  • Head - .tsg. Yui Mesh Head - X Tone
  • Hair - Eaters Coma - Hair 62
  • Bikini - .tsg. Cutiesuit - PinkGal
  • Head - .tsg. Tsu Mesh Head - X Tone
  • Hair - Eaters Coma - Hair 64
  • Bikini - .tsg. Cutiesuit - Polka Floral
  • Head - .tsg. Dakota Mesh Head - X Tone

Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Shoes~!

Crystal Bow Heels
These adorable girly heels feature a crystal clear heel or solid heel!
Lace comes in black or white
So you get a lot of options!
There are 16 colors available to choose from.
Copy only, SLINK HIGH feet only
These are glittery and translucent in the heel. 
They are materials enabled. 
The pretty shine really makes them look jellyish! 
For Slink Flat only.
 Unrigged. Mod/Copy OK! 
Please DEMO!
Both shoes are at tsg mainstore <3