Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's Tango!?

I have been dying for a new pair of Lolas to come out, but I never expected them to be this natural looking and let alone mesh! A lot of people were complaining about the fact that there isn't a demo..this bothered me too because the price is steep for these boobies. Hopefully the designer decides to put some demo's out. It would be good for business!!

As many of you know, Lolas! already have a pair of natural boobs. These are very similar in shape to me..I still don't know how I feel about them and how far apart & low they hang, but since texturing them, they have kinda grown on me. I'm sure once I manage to dress them up, I will like them a lot more. If you are a very petite avatar like me you will notice they make your torso appear a bit wider, because they hang to the side a tad. This doesn't bother me that much, it will just take getting used to.

Things I really like about them: There isnt as much of an obvious seam on Tango implants because the seam starts all the way up at the collar bone. This can be a convenience or a huge pain! If you can find a skin applier for your skin then you should be good to go. Matching was easy once I got them fit with a tsg skin. If not, then you will probably have to push them back into your chest to get a better seamless look..which is something I've noticed a LOT of my colleagues and friends doing. I chose to wear them pushed out with the mesh collar bone showing. Just a note for future customers of tsg tango skin appliers, you will have to wear the No bust version of tsg skins.

Skin designers and implant clothing developers will *love* the uv map, it is very user friendly. Took me less than an hour to make the skin tones and nipple appliers. (Which will be for sale shortly!!! tehe.)

The simplicity of the uv map could be a good or bad thing... Unfortunately,  I don't think many major skin designers can be bothered with implant textures and since the way the uv is layed out, you will literally need the actual original upper body skin texture of your skin to make the implant skin applier...So this is only something the designer themselves can really do seamlessly. Unless you're just super good at matching stuff!

Another awesome thing about the tango boobs that I personally love is the puffy nipple option  I absolutely love the shape it has from a side view!! 
Here are all the different ways you can wear your nipples! Obviously, the different styles stretch the texture in different ways! But it's all good! The Hidden option lets you wear your boobs without any mesh nipple, so the nipples on the skin applier will show through.

 Anyway thanks for reading!!

Side note! If you need help positioning your boobs, here are my size, rotation and position notes.

x (0.0000)
y (-0.167)
z (-0.184)

I played around with the resizer a lot, using +1 and +5, so keep doing this until you get your boobs at size (0.040)

x (180.00)
y (88.00)
z (272.00)

Someone asked me for RGB tones today and I promised to have them up on the blog, so here they are!

rgb tones for your personal hands & feet attachments that require tinting.

these were taken straight from the wrists and ankles, so hopefully you get a seamless fit :)

xiaxue wrist rgb 242,205,188
xixaue ankle rgb 228, 185, 166

A tone wrist rgb 255, 217, 186
A tone ankle rgb 246, 193, 162

B tone wrist rgb 220, 157, 110
Btone ankle rgb 203, 137, 97

C tone wrist rgb 179, 113, 73
C tone ankle rgb 146, 78, 48