♥Store F.A.Q♥

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+Skins & Shapes+ 

-DEMO's are the white tester bottles on the vanity-
-shapes are pink boxes on the vanity, shape demo is in the skin demo-

+Mesh Heads+

-DEMO's are the white tester bottles on the vanity-

+TMP appliers+
+Slink Physique appliers+
+Wowmeh Body appliers+
+Belleza Body appliers+
+Maitreya Lara appliers+
+Slink Hands & Feet appliers+
marketplace link
(these are made by Enfer Sombre! I am just endorsing them!)


All our makeup products are on pink tables in the middle of the room
+Body Oil+
+Sassy Brows+
All our eyes are in long gold frames in the walls of both of these rooms


Clothes can be found on the walls of this room
Shoes can be found in this room on pink tables
& This room
All glasses, jewelry, hairbows and gachas items can be found here.
+Hand bags+
In gold frames on these walls

+Group Gifts+
You must be in the V.I.P Group to get the gifts!
Click here to join the paid V.I.P group


find redelivery, wish lists, store credit and gift cards here


  • Q: What Lashes are you using? What lashes do I use for the mesh heads? Will you make lashes?
A: I am pretty much exclusively always wearing these by LovelyAlien since they are the easiest to fit and most aesthetically pleasing to my eye! I do have plans to develop lashes specific for the mesh heads that will change with your expressions.


  • Q: Are you interested in renting at my sim?
A: No we do not need rental space, thank you for the offer!
  • Q: I cant find x product, what happened to it?
A: Our discontinued items are on the marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/46763
  • Q: Can I rent at your mall?
A: Please apply here to be considered http://goo.gl/forms/b5181ldDyz .
  • Q: Will you do appliers for sking, banned or brazilia?

A: No. I feel those mesh parts do not match my products and I do not want to endorse them so I will not.

  • Q: Which Loud Mouth Applier am I supposed to buy for "XYZ" skin  ? 
 ~*Lips shown are unedited*~
From left to right tone A, B, C, X, D, E & F
Chloe tones Left to Right, Alabaster, Zissis, Lolita, Siren, Cherub & Succubus.
As you can see by the swatch, all of our skins have different face shading around the mouth, so mixing and matching different skin appliers won't give you a seamless look. All loud mouth appliers are sold in those tsg lipsticks (as shown on the image above) so look for those and purchase carefully! Next to each skin is a lipstick that contains the correct matching lip applier.
  • Q: What skin tone applier should I use with this VIP Group Gift Skin ? 
A: For every VIP skin gift, I include the name of the tone in the name of the skin! Look for the letter and there is your answer. Marina is X, Ulzzang is X, Ganguro is C, Sakura is D and so on!

  • Q: Do your skins include appliers?
A: Only fantasy tones (Vampy, Kamael, Nymph, Witch, Invader, Demoness, Orc, NightElf & Drow) include Loud Mouth Mesh Lips applier, Lolas Tango applier, L.inc azz applier and Slink hands & feet appliers.
*Mirage appliers, Apple May baby bump appliers & Wowmeh appliers however are sold separately.
  • Q: Can I blog for you?
A: Please refer to the Bloggers Info page.
  • Q: My applier doesnt match, what did I do wrong?
A: Most likely your graphic settings or windlight settings are not optimized for mesh parts. Please turn up your graphics and use a less shadowy windlight. I highly reccomend Gogo's Hearts SL. If that doesnt help, its likely your mesh parts are tinted. Please wear the provided HUD and check that the skin layer is set to white.
  • Q: The shoes I just bought wont fit my feet?

A: ALL OUR SHOES ARE FOR SLINK FEET ONLY! Please ensure you are wearing the provided shoe base and the correct Slink foot. If the name of the shoe includes Slink HIGH, Slink MEDIUM or Slink LOW, you must wear the respective slink foot size. To learn more about Slink Mesh Feet, please visit the Official Slink site. Also, we have demos for every shoe sold in our store. Please demo first.

  • Q: I accidentally bought something twice, may I have a refund?
A: Yes! We honor refunds for double purchases. Please send Eilfie Sugarplum a notecard of your transaction history.
  • Q: I wasnt paying attention and accidentally bought "XYZ" can I have a refund?
A: We enforce a strict no-refund policy since all our items are no transfer. Please shop carefully and demo before you buy. Buyers remorse will not be tolerated.
  • Q: When I cam out from my avatar "XYZ" item disappears from my avie, why does that happen?
A: That particular item requires you to have your LOD settings turned up to view properly. You can do this by following these simple steps.
  1. Enable your Advanced menu by pressing Ctrl – Alt – D
  2. Go to advanced -> debug -> and type in rendervolumeLODfactor (no spaces)
  3. Increase the number shown to 4, 5 or 6 and press enter.
  4. Close the debug menu and enjoy your pretty mesh.
  • Q: Where can I join the paid V.I.P Group?
A: Paste this link into SL local chat!
and visit the group gift location here tsg V.I.P Penthouse Suite!
  • Q: Will you be doing The Shops mesh head appliers?
A: Yes, coming soon.
  • Q: My item that I bought didnt deliver to me but it took my linden, can you send me a copy?
A: No, I do not do hand deliveries anymore. Please visit our mainstore lobby and access the redelivery terminal to get a new copy of your purchases!
  • Q: The item I bought isnt in the redelivery terminal and I need a new copy?
A: Please send Eilfie Sugarplum a notecard with transaction history. If it has been over 30 days, a screenshot of the item in your inventory with your avatar & nametag clearly visible will work.
  • Q: How can I get and use store credit?
A: Activate your tsg V.I.P tag while shopping to earn 5% back on purchases. Then when you're ready to buy something with your credit, all you have to do is right click the vendor of choice> choose "Menu" and from the drop down menu choose "Buy with Credit".
  • Q: How can I add more store credit to my balance so I can buy the item I want?
A: You can utilize our gift card system for this. Buy a gift card in the amount you need added to your store credit balance then redeem it. It will add to your current balance! 
  • Q: How can I buy a gift card for someone?
A: Go to the terminal section in the lobby and click the terminal called "BUY Gift Cards", follow the menu prompt and then send your card to your loved one!
  • Q: How can I redeem my gift card?
A: Simply wear the gift card, come to the mainstore lobby and click the orange terminal that says "REDEEM Gift Cards", you should be awarded store credit in the amount of the card. To use this credit, right click any vendor>choose Menu> and from the drop down menu choose "Buy with store credit"!

  • Q: What items can I buy store credit with?
A: Everything in The Sugar Garden Mainstore can be purchased with store credit except for vendors owned by other merchants (i.e. Mall merchants) and gacha items due to a conflict in scripting. Event items can also be purchased with store credit unless scripts are not allowed at the event.
  • Q: I really need "XYZ" item except with a couple changes, can you make a custom one for me?
A: Sorry! I cannot accept custom work at this time.
I hope this answers any questions you may have. If not please feel free to send me a notecard! If the answer is here I will not respond!