Friday, November 16, 2012

Info for customers about .tsg. Tango Skin & Nipple Appliers

Hi! So you're interested in our Lolas! Tango Skin & Nipple Appliers?

+Lolas! Tango implants are sold separately by Sandi Moonnites. You can purchase them for 1750$L HERE. Our appliers will not magically give you breasts!

+TSG appliers are made for and only tested with TSG skins of A, B, C and Xiaxue tone!

+These particular implants are worn on the spine of the SL avatar. If you are having trouble fitting and would like my personal fitting notes, they are below!

x (0.0000)
y (-0.167)
z (-0.184)

I played around with the resizer a lot, using +1 and +5, so keep doing this until you get your boobs at size (0.040)

x (180.00)
y (88.00)
z (272.00)

+You can choose to wear your nipples in 4 different ways. You must (click your boobs>nipples) then discover all the lovely options!
Here are all the different ways you can wear your nipples! Obviously, the different styles stretch the nipple texture in different ways! But it's all good! The Hidden option lets you wear your boobs without any mesh nipple, so the nipples on the skin applier will show through.

+Make sure to wear your "NO BUST" Skins under these breasts!!

+Please if you have any issues getting a match or your boobs look like this, use your tinter hud to make everything WHITE!

More general info can be found here for anyone interested in buying or designing for Lolas! Tango Implants