Monday, August 8, 2016

Maitreya Skin Applier Updates

 As requested I have fixed a lot of issues on tsg maitreya skin appliers!
Hands, Feet & Toned tummy shading
Before Update

After Update
Changelog for Maitreya Skin appliers:
  • Appliers now include the toned tummy shading option
  • Hands and feet textures have been tailored for Maitreya hands and feet
  • Vagina shading, seams and positioning improved
  • Belly button position corrected
  • Matching neck sheath texture included in applier
  • F tone shading has been completely re-mastered on the entire body
Thanks for your patience
to get your update please grab a redelivery of your Maitreya skin applier at .tsg. mainstore

Bon Voyage Japan

Medic Masks are mod copy ok
Skin is .tsg. Tiana X Tone Peach @ TCF
Eyes are .tsg. Lumenis Ice Blue
Hair is by Due

Tiana Skin + Mesh Lips

Tiana comes in 2 skin tones, X tone and Vampy. Skins include all the usual bust, tummy and brow options. Mesh Lips (mod/trans ok) include a lip balm changing HUD! These items are all backwards compatible with Rei skin + lips + HUDs. 
Please demo!
Collar is by Violent Seduction, also @ The Chapter Four!
Hair on the left is Pink Hustler, hair on the right is by Due