Tuesday, October 30, 2012


.tsg. Sleepy by ⓢⓤⓖⓐⓡⓟⓛⓤⓜ

Eyelashes worn are from Candy Mountain - Falsies - Dolly

A bit of background info on the sleepy eyes from .tsg. ~
Recently, one of my satellite stores have become inaccessible because the sim got returned or is shut down or ..whatever. And the sim owner speaks japanese! So I couldn't get her to return my servers to me. If any of you have been purchasing the 30L eyes from ESUGA in the vendors at the mainstore, you now understand why the delivery was always failing T_T"

I decided to revamp all the 30L eyes and take down the vendors. So sleepy eyes are a revamp of ESUGA's Circle Eyes.

I hope I've done them justice and brought them back to life in some way. They were way oversized but back in the day of ESUGA, I think people appreciated them. They still have a lot of that anime/manga charm.

We've also released SUGOI eyes~~!!! SUUUGGOOIIIIIII!!!!!

They're inspired by anime as well. Super sparkly shiny happy eyes.