Tuesday, February 11, 2014

.tsg. x alterego Black Out Party!

What I'm wearing:
Socks on far left: .tsg. Princess Socks - Sheer Black (I tinted the lace red)
Anklet in the middle: sM Tootsie Anklet - Cross for SLINK HIGH
Ankle wings on the right: .tsg. Cupid Wings - White (sold with .tsg. Cupid Creepers - White)
All toe nail polish: Action Nails

If you are in the Toxxic Studio Designs Group already, you will have access to the Bubbles Heels V2 (SLINK HIGH) in Hot Pink, Black & White. They are exclusive pre-releases at the event for 24/hr. Yes, only people in the Toxxic Studio Designs Group can access the event. It's an appreciation party for members only. I am offering the shoes there for a discounted price of 100L per pair and after 24/hrs they will be in the mainstore for the regular price. Look forward to the full release of Bubbles Heels V2 with ALL the colors hopefully to join them later this week! The Stripper Bank Add-On is sold separately and can be worn with either version of bubbles heels. Just right click & ADD! The new Hot Pink color was exclusively made for the event to match the alterego color palette! These heels each include a texture change HUD to choose between clear or solid textures. If you buy more than one color you can mix and match.

*Kindly remain aware that Toxxic Studio Designs is a paid group, if you are not in the group you must pay 1500L to access the private event. If you arent in the group just wait 24/hrs for these to show up in the mainstore<3 data-blogger-escaped-br="" data-blogger-escaped-for="" data-blogger-escaped-thank="" data-blogger-escaped-understanding.="" data-blogger-escaped-you="">