Thursday, March 13, 2014

.tsg. Eun-Seo for Skin Fair 2014

Skin Fair March 14-30th
.tsg. @ Skin Fair Sim 3 Landing Point
Included with every *natural* skin tone (Natural Tones: A, B, C, D, E, F, X)

♥ 5 Brow Options
*Blonde, Brown, Ginger, Black & Browless

♥ Teeth showing optional

♥ Tummy shading options
*Toned or Soft Tummy

♥ Matching Loud Mouth Mesh Lips Applier


Included with our *fantasy* skin tone (Vampy)

♥2 Brow Options
*Neutral Brown & Browless

♥ Teeth Showing optional

♥ Tummy shading options
*Toned or Soft Tummy

♥ Matching, Lolas Tango, Slink, Loud Mouth & Lush Breasts Appliers


♥ At the event we have the Shape used in our ad for sale and included with it is a Loud Mouth shape with a notecard giving you precise fitting information to get your loud mouth looking exactly like ours in the Eun-Seo poster.

♥ Also at the event are Tintable Eun-Seo brows in 3 gradients, light - medium - dark for getting colorfully cute brows with your skin!

SLURL to our mainstore where you can find matching appliers for:
.tsg. Mainstore Mesh Azz
Slink Hands & Feet
Lolas Tango *Mirage*
Lolas Tango
Lush Breasts
Puffy Breasts
Apple May Baby Bump

map 1
map 2
map 3