Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New & Old Cute hair!

I get a real rush out of discovering new things in SL. Especially when it's new hair. Lately it seems like most hair stores are just  inspired by the same things...and I've found myself bored with the bigger hair stores...

As I was working on Wowmeh appliers for the store, someone on my friendslist sent me a TP randomly. Immediately declined >_>

Then she told me it was for a lucky board so..of course I flew over ! LB's are a weakness. Probably due to stalking a lot of them in my noob days. After grabbing the board item from "La Petite Fleur" I cammed around the cute japanese shopping parcel . Mega cute and simple with a city theme. I like these things <3 Spotted a japanese jewelry shop across the street then a hair store! PINK HUSTLER?! I dont know this shop!

*run run run*

Ooooohhh... *Drools*

The crazy kyary hair styles I've been dreaming of!
This style is *PH* 70527
This is *PH* last release I believe..and it's dated all the way back to 2012. Pretty amazing for 2012 sculpted hair in my opinion. I adoreee the soft bangs texture. Structurally, theyre all so very well made and fits perfectly all around my head. Even though it isn't mesh, it still works since all her styles are updos. I think Pink Hustler looks better than some rigged mesh hair I see lately!!

These adorable goldfish are animated and swim around with bubbles floating. It's really cute!
I pretty much bought all her hair styles and I'm showing 4 of my favorites. I bought the colors strawberry blonde which includes a milktea blond color and a pinkish blond color!
*PH* 70534 Tower Hair to pierce the heavens
There is a style available similar to this without bows!
*PH* 70528
OMG CUTE MAX. ;__; It's like a baby doll!
Big Bun is *PH* 70521 Small Bun is *PH* 70520
LCKY - Morgan
And to conclude my new cute hair post..
This adorable mesh bob by LCKY hair. I am soooo in love with their new two tone system. I tinted half of my hair to a darker brown to mimic Kumiko Funayama's two tone that I am obsessed with.

I hope you enjoy unique and unusual styles of hair as much as me. SLURLS & outfit credits below

Pink Hustler
Poses- Glitterburps Hands Up
Dress - Violent Seduction - Heart Apron Dress (Pink) *GACHA*
Eyeball Hair Clips + Eyeball Necklace + Parfait earrings: LOVESOUL Paid Group Gifts
Necklace: .tsg. Lunar Crisis Compact Necklace
Rings: .tsg. Chibi Moon Rings GOLD
Nail Polish: ACTION - Brighton nail pack (but right now at Cosmetic Fair)
Eyes: .tsg. - Galaxy - Honey
Mesh head: COMING SOON! Watch our progress on our FB Page, give us your input!