Tuesday, May 6, 2014

PinkLilMonster Review !

my dear readers <3

Please allow me to be presumptuous and assume you all like the same things as me! Cute, Pink, Kawaii things!! I know you must if you're on this blog!

Today I'll be reviewing some real life purchases that I made through someone from SL on their etsy store. I am just so pleased with the outcome, I want to give back so-to-speak and make a little review. So much care and effort went into these hand made items. Lets get into the blog! 
 Info you need to know: The store is PinkLilMonster ! & The owner is SashaKitteh Wildrose in SL. Aside from being crafty, she is a SL fashion blogger too http://www.bealittlepinkmonster.net/

PinkLilMonster is a shop specializing in hand crafted decoden items! I ordered 3 custom sweets deco phone cases for my Note 3 (VERY HARD TO COME BY YO) & a creepy cute compact!! When I say custom, I mean custom. I got to choose pretty much every aspect of my cases. Whip cream color, glitter color, pearls color, cabochans and the case color! Right now her rates are $50 usd for a custom case and $15 for a compact mirror. I think that is extremely reasonable seeing as how it's all made to your preference and loaded with charms!
I got the package today and this was what I saw first

*Squee* man, its so cute! I was already excited but then pink tape ;____; ..I am really a sucker for cute packaging.
There was an adorable My Melody thank you note in this HK baggy filled with stickers from japan!

HOW CUTE! And so thoughtful. Hand written notes are Really a nice touch! 

And the final products!!!

They were all made exactly like I wanted. This is my first decoden anything and I was surprised to find that the whipple was actually softish and not hard.  I love that, it feels comfortable in my hands. The charms were all very secure and after putting a case on my phone, the weight felt right to me. The Note 3 on it's own with out a case is very light so the case balanced out the weight nicely. I dont feel like my phone will fall easily out of my hands now. She recommended that I get a screen protector since I will need to keep my phone face down to help sustain the longevity of the deco, and though it is not entirely necessary, I plan to do so! The hand mirror is so petite and cute and perfect for carrying around everyday. I looked into the mirror and I kid you not, it looked like I was looking through an instagram filter Lol. Something is weird with those mirrors. All the tiny imperfections that I know are there were like..smoothed out! But I'm not complaining!!!!
There are in-stock iphone cases on her etsy store, but if you're a droid girl like me  you can make a custom order messaging her in world or through her facebook.