Sunday, November 2, 2014

Xiasumi School Festival

I am so proud and happy to say that I am part of the 1st round of this amazing event: Xiasumi School Festival! It is based off RL japanese high school school festivals. 
"The festival will consist of ten themes: Haunted House, Maid/Butler Cafe, Food Stands, Sports, School, Shrine/Garden, Kawaii/Animals, Concert/Theatre, Dormitory, and Cultural. There will be several activities held throughout the event, including: a talent show, sports obstacles, combat zone, haunted house, food stands, and a maid/butler cafe; in which you can hang out with some of your favorite designers." -
So if you guys havent guessed by now my theme is SHRINE! Be sure to vote for shrine for best decorated!!!!
The event opens at 8amSLT Nov3: here is a direct SLURL to the SHRINE!
Okay now a little about my items!
This sexy miko dress works with the SL AV, belleza, TMP and wowmeh. Please demo. In fact, I'm wearing the mesh project body in this ad. Hairbow and sleeves included and are optional.
When you run/walk in these Geta's the paw prints show and it really makes you feel like a neko or inu or whatever :D These are made specifically for slink flat feet, but I've been able to make them work with TMP flat feet. The socks are not included, LM for the socks will be on the outfit credits below. Each geta strap color includes 3 wood colors (light wood, white wood and black wood) and 2 paw metal options (silver and gold).

Pink Miko:
Red Miko:
Blue Miko: