Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Calling all Elfies

Hi sugarlumps!!
So I have been asked to take the ears off the mesh heads so people can wear their own ears with ease.
Making ears myself that fit around the existing ears on the head was a much much easier solution!
I hope you guys like them.
So as you can see above there are 6 unique shapes, and each shape has an option to wear with or without ear blush!
This is a COMPLETELY FREE UPDATE for anyone who owns the head!
Just go to the mainstore and request a redelivery from the terminal in the lobby and there should be a package inside full of new ears for you to enjoy. Fantasy tones have been updated too!
These are rigged and have not been tested with the SL Av head or any other head. They will adjust with the head size slider and they look absolutely flawless/seamless!!!
Thank you for reading