Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cosmetics Fair - Love is Love!

Happy Valentines Day!
.tsg. Nails for Cosmetic Fair / Feb 14th @ 1pm SLT
omg, I poured my heart and soul into these! I love nail art in RL. Like some of you, I hated being confined to wearing the same design or color on every single nail due to slink limitations. & of course I neeeeeeed my bling!!!
  1. Our nails feature a mix and match of designs with adorable 3d charms, bows, and crystals.
  2. 3d accents can be turned transparent in build mode if you wish to wear without!
  3. Everything is material activated so they shine realistically in the light.
  4. These are pre-positioned to work flawlessly with Slink Gesture Hands in sizes 10/20/30
  5. However, if you are determined enough, you can mod them to fit any hand you desire since each nail is fully moddable.
Hope you enjoy these. Thanks!