Thursday, November 28, 2013



To all my American Bois and gals, hope you're all having a wonderful holiday!ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

~As some of you may know, every year the Skin Addiction group in SL hosts a Black Friday Weekend Sale among a vast array of skin brands with at least a minimum of 25% off select skins.

This year I decided to do something special. I revamped our .tsg. Baby skin.

Update LOG:
~The old Baby skin line only included 3 eyebrow options - the Baby 2.0 has all 5 now
Old baby did not have tummy shading options and only came in 4 tones, now Baby 2.0 has all the options and tones our newer skins have to offer. We also adjusted some facial shading and more realistic looking eyelids to help blend the skins better overall :)
~If you own the old baby skins, Baby 2.0 is still worth a try. The difference is quite noticable!
~Previous loud mouth appliers for baby still work though !♥

As you can see from the photo we have Baby in E, D & F tones, looking Uber kawaii!!!♥

All the baby skins will be 50% off for those wearing the SKIN ADDICTION Group tag upon purchase. The discounted amount will be refunded back to you. Please buy carefully. Sale is running from Nov 29th - Dec 1st! Do not miss out !!!
Teleport to this location & touch the sign to join the group♥

Always demo first! & look forward to the Mei Mei & Angel revamps! I know I am!!

Love you all♥♥ xo Eilfie