Sunday, November 3, 2013

.tsg. @ TBS +*November 2nd~♥*+

Finally..FINALLY...we have appliers specific for Lolas! Mirage Mesh Breasts.

(Our mirage specific applier shown on Left, Tangos applier on the Mirage breast shown on Right. Quite a difference!)

Unlike the former Lolas! Tangos, the bust shading on Lolas! Mirage is 3 dimensional. Sandi sculpted these breasts to look like you have natural cleavage from all angles. Unfortunately that meant our Tango appliers did not look as good on them. Especially the cleavage ones! Fret not, sugar girls. I've made the appliers in our Alphabet & Fantasy tones! Chloe skin tones appliers will be released in the mainstore.

Rose Maiden pasties will also be for sale at TBS, included are SLAV clothing layers along with the appliers. They come in Black, White, Pink, Hot Pink, Baby Blue, Neon Orange, Yellow, Red & Lavender!!

Limo to TBS November~