Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Iris Mesh Head

Iris Mesh Head
New .tsg. Mesh Head KAWAII PROJECT - Monsters Ball! 10.15.15
Available in 12 tones: a,b,c,d,e,f, vampy, kamael, witch, nymph & phantra
Fantasy tones have these complimentary appliers included: 
Lolas Tango applier azz applier 
Slink hands & feet appliers
9 Expressions 
6 Makeup options
17 .tsg. Eyes & Full Perm Dev Kit Eye!
6 Matching elf ears with blush options - view them here
Matching skins included with bust/no bust options
Makeup & Eye Dev kit included with purchase!
Appliers sold separately @ .tsg. Mainstore
My hair is mimpi* hair-01 / fat pack
Tears are by ALTAIR*
Nails are an old tsg applier HUD on the MP here.
Lashes are by Lovely Alien as usual!
Here is a visual instruction on how I edited my lashes to work for the Iris Head
You could follow these steps with any pair of mod lashes to customize your look

Iris comes with a mesh eyeball that you attach independently from the head. It is no mod and has a texture change HUD.  
If you want to create your own eyes, this is really easy to do. Ive included a FULL PERM copy of this same eyeball in the Iris Dev Kit. It uses the same UV mapping as regular old SL eyes.  
If you want to wear your favorite creators eyes, take a pair of their modifiable mesh lens and edit it into place in Iris' empty eyeball socket.
17 .tsg. Eyes Included with Purchase

Its actually was a challenge to come up with lots of makeup looks for a single eyelid. Obviously I struggled there, so there arent as many makeup looks as usual. I tried to compensate for this by including all the popular skintones upon initial release.
Thanks for your attention!