Thursday, October 15, 2015

TAG Gacha Haunted Morturary

Opens 10.17.15!
I decided to go with a spooky, bloody and scary theme this round for once lol. (Im not very confident  making scary stuff but I like how this turned out). If anyone has played Blade&Soul you should remember the first world boss "Senior Jiang Shi". I was inspired by him and the overall Legend of the hopping vampire, so I went with a cuter and sexier version. I saw a lot of usage of metal claws in the folklore art so I tried that too. I like to think this is what Senior Jiangshi's daughter would look like lol! 
Oh yeah, I learned a lot of interesting info about this type of monster here!

As stated on the prize key, the dress is made to fit maitreya, however it is not FITTED MESH. It is standard sized rigged mesh and there will be a demo to try near the machine. The sleeves and dress are separate meshes also but do come together. I just wanted to clarify this better!


If you're new to TAG here is some information on how to play
"TAG! Gacha is a HUD based event that takes players out across the grid to discover the main stores of some Second Life’s best and most original artists. Their journey begins at Gachatopia, where they discover a new and original build each round and pick up a free game HUD. As they visit each store, players find a brand new gacha collection to play. Every gacha collection has a Mystery Rare in the form of a coupon that players can win. Once players have visited all 50 locations they unlock the redemption room where they can then redeem their coupons for their Mystery Rares. Mysteries are exclusive to TAG! Gacha and are retired after the event, never to be sold again."
Step by step instructions on how to play can be found here!
There is a slight twist on this round of TAG! Its a great bonus for the players. When you go to tag the boards at each store, you will be randomly given a prize. Either a trick or a treat! I decided to make some cute halloween inspired nails. Hope you get lucky and win the one you like. These are mod/copy only.
  • Hair: LCKY - Julie
  • Eyes: .tsg. Luxury Eyes - Red
  • Head: .tsg. Aya Mesh Head Nymph

Thanks for reading!