Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hourglass Specific Appliers

I've released new SLINK Physique Hourglass SPECIFIC appliers!
Hands & Feet textures are not supported, you must purchase hands and feet separately. As always.
Each applier includes a soft body and toned body version! Both can be seen in the pic above.
These appliers are available in tsg's full tone range.
If you have been using our SLINK Physique applier all this time you probably already know about all the issues it had on the Hourglass body! Changelog below.
Butt creases got moved up to where the creases are meshed into the body 
Underside view is a lot more seamless now! 
vagina got a makeover! 
and is now neatly tucked into the meshed in slit as you can see in the gif
belly button has been repositioned to fit into the mesh bellybutton hole

thats all folks
now go and be flawless!
New appliers are here at .tsg. Mainstore