Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mikki Mesh Head Gacha

omg! my first mesh head gacha!
super excited!
Mikki is inspired by K-beauty and Ulzzang makeup since this coming round of Kawaii Project is Ulzzang theme!
As you can see in the key, there are 2 skin tones in this gacha, X tone and Vampy. there are 4 Rares. X tone Pout, X tone Kissy, Vampy Pout and Vampy Kissy. I hope it makes sense!
The common prizes are the neutral expression mesh heads and come in a range of makeups in both X tone and Vampy tones as shown.
Each head will offer a light and dark eyebrow option in the included HUD as well as 32 Hairbase presets ( as you usually get from tsg mesh heads).

Rare heads have ALL makeup styles in their included HUD. Each HUD will only work with the exact head it came with. Be sure you are trading/yardsaling the HUD with the head.

Each prize comes with 4 matching Standard SL skins. Bust and tummy shading optional.

I dont think this is a good head for beginners, if you dont know how to fit mesh lenses you might have trouble. I highly recommend mesh lenses with this head since the Eyesockets sit a bit too low for SL standard eyes.
I think the eyes I released at TDSF 3 recently are a perfect fit!
There IS a demo available so PLEASE for the love of god, demo first. All body, hands and feet and etc appliers can be found at the tsg mainstore!
Thank you!