Sunday, November 18, 2012

Updated TSG Appliers for the new TANGO's!!

All of these clothes are in our apparel department unless stated otherwise!
Details below!~

1. Lollipop Chainsaw Cheer Uniform (clean version)
2. BlackxPink Hooded Dress/Mini Hoodie
3. Strapless Bra (ALL COLORS)
4. Lollipop Chainsaw Cheer Uniform (bloody version)
5. CheetahxPink Hooded Dress/Mini Hoodie
6. Strapless Bra *Wet* special for TDR Blue (sold by strapless bra's)
7. School Uniform Bloody Version (only @ BOOBIES SHOW til event ends)
8. PinkxWhite Hooded Dress/Mini Hoodie
9. Harness Bra (Prize for THE DIRTY PILLOWS HUNT)
10. School Uniform (clean version & Only @ THE BOOBIES SHOW til event ends)
11. Babydoll Bustiere (ALL COLORS)
12. Poke'Bra for Limited Bazaar (We sold out!! Please check for it @ the apparel dept. on Dec. 30th!)
13. Basic Bra (ALL COLORS)
14. Sexy Cheongsam (ALL COLORS)
15. Belted Mini for Perfect Wardrobe
16. Bandage Swimsuit Nude for Private Room Event
17. Latte Maid Outfit
18. Illusions Dress
19. Bo Peep Dress (Applier works for all the dress colors)

Already bought an applier for this outfit? Please send me the full transaction history for all your TSG appliers in a notecard with your official SL name! I will be happy to send them over! ♥ 

*Has it been over 30-60 days since you last bought your applier? That's okay, send me a screen shot of the items in your inventory, making sure to have your avie with your avies name clearly visible in the screenshot. Send me a link to an online image hoster such as (save your linden) or etc where you've uploaded your image and I'll send you the update.*