Wednesday, November 14, 2012

.tsg. Baby Skins

.tsg. Baby Skins by ♯§µgårþlµm™

.tsg. Baby Skins! Our purest, most innocent & sweet face yet! Dark/Light Brow Option, Bust option and tons of lip layers to choose from. Demo available! Baby shape for sale too! Thanks ♥

Hair left to right!

Lo*Momo - Ajuga
Taketomi - Maggie
Taketomi - Marie

Everything else is TSG!
Eyes are actually a work in progress! Hopefully released Friday♥

Lip options, they actually come in all 4 tones, painstakingly modified to match each tone perfectly. SO PLEASE if you do buy the skins, I HIGHLY recommend to buy the correct tone pack if you're buying matching lip tattoos. We do have demos for the lip tattoos too.